What is a PCC?

The Police Commissionerand Crime is a new job introduced by the Government to bring direct democratic accountability locally to England’s policing.

The Commissioner is a local figure with a powerful mandate directly from the public, and will actively drive the fight against crime and anti social behaviour in Hertfordshire.

A Police and Crime Commissioner means a much broader and more direct remit than the Police Authorities they replace: including community safety, the prevention of crime, tackling drugs, and many other things.

The Commissioner will set the priorities for the police in Hertfordshire, and will set the annual budget and Council Tax Precept. He or she will also have powers to hire or fire the Chief Constable.

This carries the huge responsibility of listening to local people and translating their concerns into action, in effect making the police priorities the people's priorities.

The Commissioner exercises proper governance and oversight of policing and has good working relationship with the local police across Hertfordshire.

David Lloyd is confident that all this will be done in a cost effective way which will produce substantial savings on the current budget and will improve performance in all parts of the area.

For further information about the HERTFORDSHIRE COMMISSIONER please visit the Commissioner website.