Lloyd Attacks Opponents' Plans for More Bureaucracy

Both my Labour and Liberal Democrat opponents seem to hanker after a return to the undemocratic, days of the old Police Authority - which was both invisible to the public and cost so much to run. Neither of them seem to have grasped what the role of Police and Crime Commissioner is about and what it can be used to achieve. The PCC is not simply an elected version of the old Police Authority Chair but has a wide range of new responsibilites in areas such as victims services, rehabilitation, blue light integration and the wider criminal justice system.   Most importantly the PCC is directly accountable to the people of Hertfordshire for the decisions they make. My Liberal Democrat opponent is pledging to water this down by setting up a new committee of hand picked councillors to take some of the responsibility off his shoulders - an old fashioned bureacratic approach which is would cost far more to run and simply won't deliver the results the public is looking for.


I believe I have demonstrated just what can be achieved by a PCC who understands the role and is prepared to listen directly to the public and deliver what they want.  The results speak for themselves. The people of Hertfordshire told me they wanted local policing saved and I have done just that.  Despite national financial pressures I have ensured we have a highly efficient, well funded police force, which delivers low crime and high public satisfaction.  At the same time I have cut the amount of tax you pay for policing and transformed the services available to victims of crime in Hertfordshire by creating Beacon the Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre.  These are priorities local people told me they care about as I have criss crossed Hertfordshire over the last three and a half years and I believe it is a PCC’s job to listen to them and deliver - not set up more anonymous bureaucratic committees which achieve little and cost a lot.